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SC adjourns for indefinite period hearing of case pertaining to issuance of notices by FIA to journalists

ISLAMABAD:Supreme Court (SC) has adjourned for indefinite period hearing of case with reference to issuance of notices by FIA to the journalists.The court while issuing notice on the petitions filed with reference to media regulations has summoned the petitioners on next hearing.The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa has said while giving remarks that "Attorney General (AG) if I say one case open and shut it is case of Mati Ullah Jan. You have video of this incident. Why does the government not give advertisement in newspaper. We are in search of those people. If nothing is done then such an order will come which is not liked by you. They had recorded interview. What type of journalism is this. On next day wrong news was run about my wife. It was said she was sitting in a meeting. Should we continue to issue clarifications by sitting here. It will be said wife of CJP has not refuted it. What impression will go due to this news that wife of CJP was sitting in an official meeting. Should we issue contempt of court notice to those who have run such news. Should we indict them and send them to jail.The CJP gave these remarks while presiding over a 3-member bench of SC during the hearing of the case Tuesday.Barrister Salah ud Din appeared in the court on behalf of Press Association Supreme court saying there is nothing urgent in this case.The CJP inquired where is Haider Wahid.Salah ud Din said they want to withdraw their petition regarding media regulation.The CJP remarked they have not come to attend court. Had his petition ensured freedom of expression. or stopped it. Who was applicant in this case. This petition was filed on what basis since 2022. Has their motive been completed. Among the petitioners someone hailed from Chakwal and someone from Islamabad. . Which was the common interest which had brought these petitioners with them. There is very selective reporting in the media. Now this will not be reported. 6 petitioners disappeared. For this reason we had said we will run our u-tube ch annel. Is any petitioner of Haider Wahid application in the court.The CJP called attorney general on rostrum and enquired is such like application not misuse of court.Attorney general said yes this is misuse of process.The CJP inquired do such petitions ensure freedom of judiciary or lessen them. As to why we should not issue notice to all petitioners of this case and summon them.The attorney general supported issuance of notice to petitioners.The court while issuing notice to the petitioners in its order summoned them in person.