Published On: Sat, Dec 5th, 2020
Published in Category: Islamabad

SC moved for verification of degrees of IBC members

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ISLAMABAD: Members of Islamabad Bar Council (IBC) have filed petition in Supreme Court (SC) seeking court’s orders for verification of degrees in respect of newly elected members of IBC and its other members.

The petition has been filed under article 184(3).

The petitioners have taken the plea that rumours are circulating in the city about fake degrees of several members of bar council. The lawyers profession is becoming denigrated due to fake degrees. Bar lawyers not only represent the lawyers but they become judges as well. Therefore, the matter of fake degrees of the lawyers come under article 184 (3). Cleansing the institution of justice from allegation is inevitable for the sake of sanctity of judiciary.

The petitioners have prayed the court through their petition that the SC should issue orders for verification of degrees of newly elected members of IBC and its all members.

Petition has been filed by the senior lawyer Saeed Khurshid.

Federation of Pakistan, IBC, Vice chairman Islamabad bar and newly elected members have been made respondents in the petition.