Published On: Sun, Feb 21st, 2021
Published in Category: Politics

Senate election: Sale, purchase of votes still continues: says Shibli

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Islamabad: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz Friday said the sale and purchase of votes was continuing unhindered adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan was committed to ending the role of money in the electoral processes.

Talking to reporters here, he said the sale and purchase of votes undermined democracy and moral values and the government was striving to bring genuine representatives of the people in the Parliament and it was not possible unless money politics and sale and purchase of votes was eliminated.

Shibli pointed out that the people had now realised the importance of transparency in the Senate elections, as everything was before them. The opposition has no argument to defend its position by opposing the government’s effort for transparency in elections.

The minister contended that they accepted the testament but forgot that Benazir Bhutto’s signature had been placed on the Charter of Democracy for open ballot in the Senate elections. He again said that the politics of money needed to be eliminated and candidates should be elected on the basis of capabilities.

He said the Election Commission of Pakistan would also be strengthened further to boost performance of other institutions. Replying to a question about the presidential reference on the Senate elections through the open ballot, the minister said the Supreme Court was discussing the matter of law and in such case, there was no need of evidence.

Shibli said the PTI’s stance was justified, based on democratic principles and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had also hinted at inclination towards the open ballot. He claimed that the opposition was trying to confuse people by mentioning the no-confidence motion against the Senate chairman but that was issue of internal rules of the House while the candidates were to be elected as senators from outside.

The minister noted that the opposition parties had agreed to amend the Constitution for open ballot in the Senate elections but failed to do so despite ruling the country for ten years -five years each. Shibli said the PTI had clear majority in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab and would also win seats in the other provinces.