Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014
Published in Category: Islamabad

Senate reverberates over Altaf’s flammable Sindh statement

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ISLAMABAD: The rather flammable statement of MQM chairman Altaf Hussain, regarding bifurcation of Sindh continuously reverberated with equal intensity even on Wednesday’s senate session.

Both benches of official and opposition joined hands to fire their barrage of condemnations about the issue, while MQM senators spent all their energies on defending their chairman.

PML-N’s senator, Mushahid ullah Khan expressed his strongest criticism of Altaf Hussain’s categorization of former President Musharraf as Mohajir general, under his justified resolve that Army generals did not represent any clan tribe or sect, but were true representatives of entire Nation; hence they should not be labelled as thus.

“And why didn’t Altaf speak in favour of this very Mohajir general (Mush) , when Mush was busy victimizing yet another such Mohajir, nuclear scientist hero of Pakistan, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, and during the bloody Lal Masjid episode?”, he asked.

Expressing himself, PPP senator Mukhtar Ahmad Dhamra said that Nation’s chagrin over Altaf Hussain’s statement was a genuine reaction to divisive notion of ‘Sindh No.1 and Sindh No.2’, since no one believed in such logic.

“Such kinds of statements based on ‘basic rights and discrimination’ were totally unacceptable, since these widened the gulf between sects, clans, tribes, Nation etc.” he cautioned; adding that “it was the dire need of hour that all polity fostered close and mutual harmony , rather than widening differences to point-of-no-returns”.

He also rejected the notion of discrimination and sense of deprivation for Urdu-speaking community, citing the current posts of Sindh Governor, President of Pakistan, and Sindh Assembly’s deputy speaker being from Urdu-Speaking, community.

MQM’s senator Col (Retd) Tahir Mashadi stressed that all communities living in Sindh were sons of Mother Sindh soil, and denied any reference to bifurcation of Sindh. “Actually Altaf Bhai (brother) just referred to equal disbursement of Provincial resources and rights among all communities of Sindh, in order to avoid any sense of deprivation”, he ‘clarified’.