Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014
Published in Category: District News

SIC decrees murderous attacks on polio teams, un-Islamic

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FAISALABAD: Three Ulema of Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC), over the appeal and approval of chairman, Sahibzada Muhammad Hamid Raza have passed the joint edict declaring murderous attacks on polio teams as un-Islamic.

It has also been decreed that creating hurdles in polio vaccination campaign was against the teachings of The Holy Prophet (PBUH), regarding taking medicines for health and care, while God Almighty had also ordered against killing one’s own children through deliberate neglect, superstition and misinterpretations due to mere propaganda and hate campaign; as any finality of anything should only be declared after complete and detailed research of it.

The Ulema have declared that there was nothing Haram (Un-Islamic) in contents of polio medicine, which is one of the safest available cures for polio.

They also lauded polio workers for carrying out their zealous, voluntary campaign, putting their precious lives at stake for a noble National cause; since once infected, polio never rests until it renders a human disabled.

Pakistan has been declared as the sole Country, where polio has been announced to have increased substantially during 2012-2013; as a careful study reveals that the dangerous disease endangered 260,000 children, Nationwide.

More than 30 polio workers have since lost their lives in line of duty, while all segments of society like media political elements and activists, and security elements among many have been urged to play their due part in their battle against polio.