Published On: Fri, Jan 22nd, 2021
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Siraj urges lawyers to play their important role to establish supremacy of law

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KARACHI : Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has urged the lawyers to play their important role to establish supremacy of law and strengthen democracy in the country.

Addressing Karachi Bar Association on Thursday, Senator Sirajul Haq regretted the major political parties who ruled over the country in the past and the incumbent one were badly exposed before the masses and failed to provide any relief to the masses.

Appreciating the vibrant role of the lawyer community for the betterment of the society and the country during different movements in the past, he appealed them to act with the same spirit today and be the voice of the masses.

The PTI and the PDM, he said, were the sides of the same coin and there was no hope of betterment from the both. He said the prime minister made pledge to bring back the lights of Karachi as three major political parties agreed to spend Rs1100 billion for the development of the port city but the promise remained limited to the papers and slogans. The PPP, he said, was also in-charge of the fate of the province for more than decade but the majority of the population in Sindh was even deprived of the basic health and education facilities and drinking water. The economy was on the verge of collapse and the foreign policy was a complete failure, he said, adding the PTI made complete surrender on Kashmir thus continuing the policies of the former regimes in every sector.

“The lawyer community should raise a powerful voice against the injustice with the masses. A lawyer achieved this land for the Muslims of the continent with a remarkable struggle and now it was responsibility of the lawyers to save this land from the looters.”

Senator Sirajul Haq said the bar and the JI struggle revolved around the objective that country be transformed into a true welfare state.

Karachi Bar Association President Naeemuddin Qureshi also spoke on occasion. JI Karachi Emir Hafiz Naeem along with other leadership attended the event.