Published On: Thu, Dec 26th, 2013
Published in Category: Islamabad

Speed breakers, reflectors demanded on U-turns at IJ Principal Road

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ISLAMABAD: Unplanned u-turns on IJ Principal Road have given rise to road accidents due to lack of reflectors and speed breakers.

Traffic police have abolished traffic signal system and built U-turns on IJ Principal road due to upsurge in public transport and heavy vehicular traffic. These U-turns have been raised hurriedly; therefore, they are causing road accidents.

Due to over-speedy vehicular traffic on this high way, the small car owners, motorcyclists and cyclists and pedestrians have to face difficulties in crossing the road. As no warning signs, reflectors and speed breakers have been erected on U-turns; therefore, road accidents have become routine matter.

Citizens have demanded immediate construction of speed breakers and installation of reflectors on U-turns at this busiest high way to curb road accidents menace.
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