Published On: Sat, Dec 28th, 2013
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Sufis, saints’ role in promoting culture of tolerance highlighted

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ISLAMABAD: Leader of the House in Senate Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq Friday highlighted role of Sufis and Saints in promoting culture of tolerance, peace, harmony, brotherhood and co-existence in the society.

Addressing a book launching ceremony here at the Rawalpindi Arts Council, he said mystics played important role in propagation of Islam in the sub-continent as they won hearts and minds of the people through love and politeness without imposing their point of view forcibly.

The book titled ‘Mashahir-e-Islam’ is written by renowned intellectual and writer Maqsood Ahmed Rahi in which he described various aspects of life of Sufis and Saints, who followed Islamic teachings and became role model for others.

Regretting the tragic incident of Ashura in which around 15 persons were killed and over 50 injured, he strongly condemned the incident and declared it an act of brutally on part of anti-state elements. He said Islam is the religion of peace and harmony and it does not allow anyone to take lives of innocent people.

“I am still sad and shocked over the incident,” he said adding that our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) propagated Islam with love, affinity and brotherhood. Raja said the Holy Quran is the beacon of light for Muslim and the Ummah should follow it in letter and spirit to get rid of problems being faced in different parts of the world.

He appreciated the writer for selecting the important topic to highlights teachings of mystics, Ulema and Mashaikh, which are essential to follow if someone wants to succeed in this world and hereafter.