Published On: Mon, Nov 20th, 2023
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This week may decide fate of 2 former PM, former President, 2 judges of SC

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ISLAMABAD: This week has become very important for the future of many important personalities. The fate of two former prime ministers, former president and two judges of the Supreme Court is likely to be decided. Chief Justice Amir Farooq and Justice Mian Gul Hasan Aurangzeb will hear the appeal against the sentence of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on November 21 (tomorrow Tuesday) in the special bench of the Islamabad High Court. Nawaz Sharif spent 10 months and 26 days in jail in two cases, Avenfield reference trial lasted 9 months and 28 days, Al-Azizia reference lasted 1 year, three months and 16 days, Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz appeared in court more than 100 times during the trial. . On November 22 (Wednesday), the bench headed by Justice Sardar Tariq will hear the bail request of Chairman PTI. This request has been made in the cipher case of Chairman PTI. A three-member bench will be chaired by Tariq Masood. Justice Yahya Afridi, Justice Ayesha Malik are also part of the bench. In the Isl amabad High Court, the hearing regarding the suspension of the jail trial of the cipher case regarding Chairman PTI Imran Khan will be held again on Monday. The Supreme Court has given an injunction regarding the jail trial. The Islamabad High Court will hear this application again at 11 o'clock. It should be noted that Justice Mian Gul Hasan Aurangzeb has remarked that the death penalty can be imposed according to the section in this case. A four-member larger bench headed by Chief Justice Qazi Faizisai will hear the cases of Pervez Musharraf on November 21 (Tuesday). It should be noted that according to the written order of the Supreme Court, appeal is the right of every criminal. Any questioner should not be harmed by the failure of the court to take timely action. The most important meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council, the organization that works with regard to the accountability of the judges of the higher judiciary across the country, will be held on Monday. In the meeting, applications agai nst Justice Sardar Tariq and Justice Mazahir Ali Akbar will be reviewed. Complaints against Justice Mazahir Naqvi and Justice Sardar Tariq will be reviewed in the meeting. The Supreme Judicial Council had issued a show cause notice to Justice Mazahir Naqvi, the council has summoned the complainants against Justice Sardar Tariq along with the evidence.