Published On: Thu, Jan 2nd, 2014
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

Tuition centres unleash loot and plunder spree in the name of tuition

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Rawalpindi: Mushrooming tuition centres in Rawalpindi city and cantt have unleashed loot and plunder spree in the name of education.

The unscrupulous persons are pocketing million of rupees from this lucrative business. Such tuition hubs are not being governed under any rule and regulation as no legislation has been enacted to exercise check and balance over the activities of these centres.

As soon as the annual examinations draw close these centres turn into extortionists’ dens and go for reaping windfall income to fill their pockets by capitalizing on the compulsions of hapless students.

Not only the tuition fee is charged but hefty money is grabbed in the name of parties. The prevailing sate of affairs is taking heavy toll on the physical and mental health of the students besides eroding the hard earned money of their parents.

Supporting institutes should be set up to impart tuition to the students who can not comprehend the lessons imparted by teachers in the class rooms, the citizens demanded.