Published On: Mon, Apr 1st, 2019
Published in Category: Government / Karachi

Why is the Sindh govt threatened by development projects, asks Governor Imran Ismail

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KARACHI: Sindh Governor Imran Ismail criticised the provincial Chief Minister, Murad Ali Shah, for not receiving Prime Minister Imran Khan at the airport during his visit to Karachi.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, he asked anyone to show him a letter from any prime minister to any chief minister of any province in Pakistan’s history that says ‘I’m coming please come see me’.

Courtesy demands that the chief minister go receive the prime minister at the airport, he said.

Regarding the premier’s meetings in the city, he said ahead of his visits, a complete programme is sent to the chief minister, governor, IG, chief secretary and the heads of all the relevant departments. The Sindh government should participate, he said.

Governor Ismail said that he didn’t understand the Sindh government’s opposition to the projects PM Khan announced for Karachi and other areas in Sindh. You should be happy that the money is not being cut from the NFC award and is additional help, he said.

Despite constantly extending our hand, you think it’s a threat, he said. This is not a threat, he clarified, adding that the people are the only ones who are going to benefit from the development projects.

He also addressed an issue brought up by PSP Chief Syed Mustafa Kamal, who claimed PM Imran Khan inaugurated the Bin Qasim Park during his visit. “This park was given by Kothari saab so how did Pervez Musharraf or Benazir Bhutto inaugurate it?” he asked. Big names have their eyes on the park, he said, adding that buildings had illegally been made in it and plots allotted. He was referring to the Bahria Icon Tower, that the Supreme Court said was constructed illegally on land belonging to the park.

The mayor invited PM Khan to see the park and the plantation drive, said the governor. He went to see the revival of the park, not inaugurate it, he said.