Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2019
Published in Category: Accidents / District News

Woman dies outside church in firing incident

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FASALABAD: Drug peddler  opened  fire outside the church, leaving a  woman dead.


Drug peddler  opened  fire outside the church in Saeed Abad kachi Abadi and shot down one woman while her daughter was shifted to hospital for medical treatment


According to media reports 45 years old Christian woman Sarafeen w/o Amniol  Maseeh along with her daughter  Naghina was on her way back to  home in Saeed Abad kachi Abadi after attending  Kajoro wala tahwar (dates festival).    Zohaib and Shahzad sons  of a drug peddler living in the same mohallah  opened fire on them. As a result five children mother Sarafeen died on the spot while her daughter Naghina was shot injured  and she was shifted to hospital.


Police have  started investigation