Published On: Wed, Mar 22nd, 2023
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World Water Day is observed in Mardan

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Peshawar: World Water Day is observed in Mardan to raise awareness in order to motivate and mobilize the citizens to conserve water. Water and sanitation services company Mardan (WSSCM), Abdul Wali khan University Mardan (AWKUM) and Water Aid jointly organized various events on World Water Day in which people from different walks of life participated. An awareness seminar and awareness walk were held in which students, faculty members of environmental sciences and other departments and WSSCM staff participated.

The main objective of these event was to raise public awareness about water conservation, safe drinking water and sanitation systems.

Professor Dr. Dilawar Farhan Shams, chairman environmental sciences department (AWKUM), Director Administration Muhammad Idris, Associate Professor Dr Shams Ali Baig, Dr, Waliullah, Luqman Khan, Deputy Manager Customer Relations Rahatullah and other delivered their speeches on aims and objectives of the day.

The speakers said in Pakistan 4.5 million people have no access to water while 141 million have no access to safe water. 15.5 million people are living without sanitation services and 4.5million have no access to hygiene service. The day reminds people of taking action to conserve water and change their habits while using water.

The speakers said by using safe water we can reduce the budget of health. They said that every member of the society should play their role in cleaning the environment and water safety.

Speakers said due to poor sanitation practices, human waste contaminates water resources by getting into rivers, lakes, and soil. 79 million people in Pakistan lack of decent sanitation and about 92pc of the wastewater is untreated and goes directly to water bodies.

Water reservoirs are rapidly depleting but we are still not taking serious steps to prevent water wastage which is a matter of concern. They added

Dr. Dilawar Farhan shams has said in a statement that three lac and fifteen thousand children died every year due to poor sanitation. Thirty Eight workers die every hour from a disease caused by lack of sanitation. He added,

Dr Shams Ali Baig has said, in 1951, Pakistan had five thousand cubic meters water available for every citizen, while in 2016, one thousand cubic meters of water is available for every citizen.

Deputy Manager Customer Relations Rahatullah said that wsscm is providing safe drinking water to five thousands households in ten union councils of Mardan city while in fourteen uc's wsscm provide sanitation services.