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Barrister Gohar calls for impartial inquiries into any discrepancies in the polls

RAWALPINDI: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has demanded immediate resignation of Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja, alleging a failure to conduct elections in a manner that is free, fair, and transparent.Speaking to the media outside Adiala Jail, PTI leader Barrister Gohar Ali Khan stated, "Following our meeting with the PTI founder today, PTI demands the resignation of the Chief Election Commissioner. He has forfeited his right to hold office even for a day."Barrister Gohar Ali Khan criticised the Election Commission of Pakistan for what he described as a lapse in fulfilling its duties at every stage of the electoral process.He emphasised that the responsibility for Form 45s lay with the ECP, and returning officers were obligated to declare results based on these documents. "However, this has not been the case under the current chief election commissioner," he added.He further called for impartial inquiries into any discrepancies in the polls, stressing the importance of aligning e lection outcomes with the public mandate.Warning of potential damage to the International Monetary Fund program if the election results do not align with Form 45s, Barrister Gohar urged for the prevention of further political upheaval through the announcement of transparent election results.Additionally, Barrister Gohar labelled former Rawalpindi commissioner Liaqat Ali Chattha as a "whistleblower" for disclosing details regarding alleged poll rigging. He demanded assurance of Chattha's safety and that of his family to facilitate his participation in any inquiry.