Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2023
Published in Category: International

Facebook under Indian pressure, failed to stop anti-Pakistan propaganda

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WASHINGTON: The American newspaper claimed that Facebook helped the propaganda and hate speech flourish under Indian pressure.

A new report by The Washington Post analyzed the Indian military's social media disinformation campaign, revealing the secrets of Indian fabrication operations and fake Facebook accounts created to praise them.

The Indian Army has created a vast network of fake accounts on Facebook through which propaganda is spread against Pakistan, China and especially against Muslims.

According to the Washington Post, India uses fake accounts on Facebook to show Kashmir as peaceful, while in fact Kashmir is drowned in blood by the Indian army.

The network is operated by the Indian Army's Chinnar Corps based in the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley. Fake Facebook accounts support Indian Army's atrocities against Kashmiris.

The Washington Post confirmed that several workers of the Facebook company were also involved in Indian propaganda.

Several Facebook workers also admitted that under pressure from Modi, company officials ignored India's fake propaganda.

According to the Washington Post, current and former employees admitted that Facebook executives were reluctant to punish the BJP for spreading false propaganda.

Interviews and documents show that Facebook executives failed to remove videos and posts by Hindu extremist leaders.