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Long queues at Blue line stations amidst mismanagement

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad’s major public transport project Blue Line Service has fallen a prey to alleged mismanagement of the authorities, reported.

According to details, long queues and massive crowds could be seen at different bus stations along the Islamabad Expressway, waiting for the bus to arrive.

Sources say three busses are currently dysfunctional due to technical faults and the total number of available busses has reduced from 10 to 7.

Thousands of citizens travel by blue line busses along Islamabad Expressway daily – a mega transport project by the federal government.

Three busses are dysfunctional currently – one of them because of catching fire recently. Another bus is out of order after only being used for less than a year, sources said, adding that a bus is not in use because its mirror and door glasses will be imported from China.

Residents of federal capital are currently suffering heavenly due to limited busses available.