Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2023
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Pakistan comes out of default risk with friend countries help: Prime Minister

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GWADAR: Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday said that with the help of friendly countries, Pakistan has come out of default risk.

Billions of rupees were given to Pakistan on the recode dispute, but the people did not benefit even an iota, he added.

Addressing the ceremony of distributing relief checks to deserving fishermen and laptops to students in Gwadar, the Prime Minister said when I visited Gwadar on June 4, I felt that every moment spent here was satisfying. Balochistan has been blessed by Allah Almighty with immense resources but unfortunately this province has been deprived of basic resources.

When I came here last year, I found that no single project has been worked on for the last four years, everything has been stopped, plans have been made to bring drinking water to Balochistan and electricity from Iran, plans to bring Panjgur transmission. was made, work on CPEC projects was stopped, he maintained.

Further he continued that Nawaz Sharif laid the foundations of numerous development projects in Gwadar, but during the PTI era, these projects were put in cold storage, Pakistan's billions of rupees were thrown on the Rekodic dispute. The deal was made, but it was challenged in the Supreme Court, everyone knows, but the people did not benefit

There are unbuilt treasures in Balochistan, including needle gas, rekodak, and sendak. There is only benefit, no harm is happening, he said.

These projects will only benefit the people of Balochistan. He said that Gwadar has become a port. After 2015, Gwadar port was not cleaned. I am very sorry.

He said that today we have started drilling which will be completed in February. In our one year period, 6 lakh tons of goods have arrived here. The Prime Minister said that China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates helped us in difficult times, the IMF agreement was reached, and today Pakistan is out of the danger of default.

PM further went on the first right to the treasures hidden in Balochistan is the right of the people of Balochistan. Yes, we decided to develop Balochistan as soon as we assumed the government, it is our responsibility to protect the people who are investing in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that the children who got the laptops were not given on the recommendation of anyone and not to the sons of rich people. The quota of laptops has been increased from 14% to 18%. Pakistan's neighboring enemy country does not want development and political stability in Balochistan, the rest of the provinces are ahead, Balochistan is behind, we have to bring it forward, he added.

If there are palaces in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, palaces should be built in Balochistan. Friendly countries are investing in Pakistan, especially China has invested billions of dollars in the last few months. The protection of foreign investors is our responsibility. If you don't protect them, there will be no investment here, friendly countries are our well-wishers, he concluded.