Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2023
Published in Category: Lahore

Sirajul Haq reiterates the demand for general elections, linking stability to the national poll

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LAHORE: Emir Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Sirajul Haq has reiterated the demand for general elections, linking stability to the national poll.

Elections in parts would further the instability and added to the prevailing crises, Sirajul Haq said while talking to the JI workers at Mansoorah on Thursday.

Sirajul Haq, who would go to Quetta today (Friday) to participate in sit-in against the illegal detention of the “Gwadar Rights Movement” leader Maulana Hidayatur Rahman and his colleagues and for the rights of the residents of the port city, also criticized the government for pushing the people of the province to the wall instead of addressing their demands. He said the deprivations of Balochistan were touching the peak as the masses were deprived of from basic needs despite being holders of the land full of resources.

The JI chief questioned the delay by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in completion of Karachi local body polls. He said it seemed the ECP was facing pressure from the Sindh government which already involved in rigging. He said Karachi was the backbone of the national economy and there should be powerful city government to ensure peaceful environment for economic activities. He said the residents of the port city had given mandate to the JI which would give mayor to them.

He said the PDM and the PPP government failed to control inflation and ensure peace and order. He said 11 months of the current government were the reflection of the poor performance of 14 parties. He said the unity government continued the policies of the PTI, gifting the people with inflation and unemployment. He said since the ruling parties failed to perform, the JI was left as the only option with the people to vote for in elections. If voted to power, he said, the JI would transform the country into Islamic welfare state.