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Sirajul Haq pledges to implement comprehensive reforms in the bureaucracy after securing victory in the election on Feb 8

CHICHAWATNI: Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Pakistan Sirajul Haq has pledged to implement comprehensive reforms in the bureaucracy after securing victory in the election on February 8.Speaking at an election rally in Chichawatni on Saturday, Sirajul Haq criticized the prevailing civil structure and VIP culture, characterizing them as remnants of the colonial era. Despite the end of British rule, he remarked that their influence still permeated the country, describing it as a system that needed to be overhauled.Sirajul Haq emphasized that the JI would bring about changes in line with principles derived from the Quran. Asserting that Islam had governed the world for a millennium, he expressed confidence in its applicability today. To establish a system based on the Quran and Sunnah, he urged voters to support the JI, whose struggle was rooted in these principles. He criticized former ruling political parties, labeling them as dynasties subservient to the United States and implementing policies dictated by Washington. He accused these parties of remaining silent on Israeli atrocities in Gaza and human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir, highlighting their failure to advocate for the causes of Palestine and Kashmir. He vowed that the JI, if elected, would genuinely represent the issues of Kashmir and Palestine.Sirajul Haq contended that the country was not founded for the rule of dynasties and dictators but for the people of Pakistan to determine leadership through free and fair elections. He criticized the tested parties for creating artificial rifts and deceiving the masses. Asserting that the youth were now well-informed and unwilling to accept the status quo, he positioned the JI as the sole alternative for voters seeking genuine change in the country's destiny.