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Caretaker govt has an open media policy & the state media is free to report independently: Murtaza Solangi

QUETTA: Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi has vowed to strengthen the state media by equipping it with the latest technology and digital tools.He made these remarks during his visit to Quetta Bureau of Associated Press of Pakistan (APP).The Minister said the caretaker government has an open media policy and the state media is free to report independently.Murtaza Solangi said the caretaker government is well cognizant of its constitutional responsibilities to pave the way for the conduct of transparent, peaceful and free elections in the country.However, he said, the issues falling under its constitutional purview could be taken up for the smooth running of the affairs of the country.Reiterating the government's resolve for introducing durable reforms in state institutions, he said efforts are afoot to revamp the public institutions.The Information Minister said a concerted strategy has been devised to bring the state media including APP at par with international m edia organizations.He reaffirmed the commitment of enhancing the capacity of employees of the Information Ministry and its attached departments.He said with capacity building measures and refresher courses, overall performance of the employees could be improved.On this occasion, the Minister was given a detailed briefing on the working of the state news agency.Meanwhile, during his visit to Press Information Department in Quetta, the Caretaker Information Minister said PID is an important institution and measures will be taken to develop it on modern lines to ensure fast dissemination of information.The Minister was given a detailed briefing on the performance and infrastructure of PID.The Minister also visited various sections of the PID office and met the employees and inquired about their problems.The Caretaker Federal Minister also visited the Pakistan Information Center where he was informed about the trainings given to journalists on various topics.