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Hamas attacks Israel’s nuclear installations, Starlink for Gaza

GAZA: Hamas military wing Al-Qassam Brigades has claimed to attack secret nuclear installations of Israel with rockets.On the other hand intense bombing by Israel has martyred many people in Gaza and other Palestinian territories.Communication channel between the outside world and Gaza has started to revive due to Starlink, however Israel has announced to stop Elon Musk for providing Starlink to Gaza.Till now more than 8 thousand Palestinians have been martyred.Israeli media has confirmed that Hamas has fired rockets at Dimona; however, no human loss was reported. After the rocket attack sirens were activated in Netiv HaAssara and areas surrounding Dimona.A viral video taken from the Hebrew sources on twitter (x) shows smoke rising near the nuclear installations located between the mountains. The latter area is referred to as Dimona which contains Israel secret nuclear installations, and the incident of rocket attack near it is considered to be unprecedented.On the other hand, Israel has announced that the satellite based communication system (starlink) of Space X will not be allowed to operate in Gaza. Israel communications minister Shlomo Karhi has said that they will stop Elon Musk's internet services in Gaza.Israel claimed that Hamas will use starlink for its own purposes.It is to be noted that, after Israel's gruesome bombardment, Gaza's communication infrastructure was badly damaged and internet and mobile services were cut off. This development led Elon Musk to announce Starlink services for Gaza on 28 October.This announcement was made by Elon Musk on the twitter post of American Congresswoman Alexandria Cortez. Alexandria Cortez reposted the tweet of Palestinian ambassador in the United Kingdom and said that cutting off communication channels of 2.2 million people is unacceptable. It will impact journalists, human rights' workers and innocent people including others.She also said that how this kind of action can be justified, as previously America has always condemned such actions.