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SC accepts appeal pleas of govt, FBR, orders to pay 4 percent super tax

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) has ordered all the respondents (different industries) to pay 4 percent super tax.

Federal government and FBR have got big relief from SC.

The appeal pleas filed by government and FBR against Sindh High Court (SHC) decision on nullification of super tax imposed on different industries came up for hearing before SC Thursday.

The SC accepted the appeal pleas of federal government and ordered all the respondents to pay 4 percent super tax.

Different industries had challenged in SHC the super tax imposed on them in the budget last year.

The SHC had nullified the order for recovery of 10 percent super tax since last year.

Federal government and FBR had filed appeal pleas in the SC against SHC decision.

Accepting these appeal pleas the SC has ordered the respondents to pay 4 percent super tax.